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DA Inter-County Query
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In December of 2005, DA IT introduced the DA Inter-County Query, a web-based tool that gives DA Network prosecutors and their staff the ability to search PROTECT databases in all of Wisconsin's seventy-one counties.


The Wisconsin District Attorney IT Subcommittee identified the specific PROTECT information to be shared between DA offices.  While the majority of defendant and case information is shared, documents, case notes and juvenile information are among the data elements that are not.  DA offices can also choose to "opt out" specific cases within their own database from being shared.


Most data shared between DA offices is also available to other justice professionals through a much larger information sharing effort called the WIJIS (Wisconsin Justice Information Sharing) Justice Gateway which is spearheaded by the Wisconsin Department of Justice. The Gateway allows authorized users within the justice community to search all participating justice case management system or other information storage systems simultaneously.  Once located, the details of the desired information may be requested from the system's owner, or in some cases, directly retrieved for immediate inspection.

For more information  contact PROTECT Project Manager Brenda Ray at: brenda.ray@wisconsin.gov.





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