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PROTECT Case Management System
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The PROTECT case management system was custom-developed for Wisconsin district attorneys and is provided at no additional cost to DA Network offices. Through customer input and feedback, this CMS is continually evolving to suit the changing business and information sharing needs of DAs and other Wisconsin justice partners. 

This system provides comprehensive tracking of people and case information from the time a referral is received from law enforcement to final case disposition. Features include automated new case intake via electronic referrals; integration with MS Word for automated generation of court and other legal documents; real-time court calendar and hearing information from the courts,; tracking of subpoena/witness service and cancellations; user-set reminders about important case milestone events; on-going, up-to-date statute and penalty information and a suite of state-standard reports and flexible reporting tools.

PROTECT also includes standard interfaces with:

All seventy-one Wisconsin circuit courts for the electronic submission of new and amended adult and juvenile case filing information from PROTECT to the court's case management system software (CCAP) and the receipt of court calendars, hearing notes, defendant's in warrant/capias status, change of address notifications, charge and final case disposition and sentencing information.

As of mid 2015, complete electronic filing has begun in select pilot offices. This includes all the benefits of current electronic submission of new and amended case information, plus the ability for DA offices to move closer to a paperless environment as electronic signatures can now be collected from officer complainants, prosecutors, prosecutor delegates and judges. Through eFiling DA offices also receive electronic access to all documents filed for a court case, even those filed by non-DA-office parties. 

An interface with the Wisconsin Department of Justice allows for the automated sending of prosecutor's charging decisions from PROTECT to the DOJ's criminal history repository on cases involving arrests.

All of Wisconsin's State Patrol units and any county law enforcement agency using the TraCS system (maintained by WI Department of Transportation) electronically submit criminal and non-criminal traffic citations to their county DA's PROTECT system saving the time and resources of delivering paper.

An interface with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections allows for the electronic enrollment of victims in PROTECT to the DOC's VOICE program, a free telephone and online service that provides victims, survivors and witnesses of crime with information and notification about individuals who are under the custody or supervision of DOC.


Many counties have implemented an eReferral Interface that allows law enforcement agencies to send referrals electronically from their own records management system to their DA's PROTECT system, easing the DA office's data entry burden of new referral information. 

The WIJIS Justice Gateway is a secure website hosted by the Wisconsin Department of Justice.  Information is uploaded automatically from PROTECT as well as Wisconsin circuit court databases (CCAP) and law enforcement systems across the state, allowing authorized users the ability to search for person and case information from various sources. 

Via web services, the DA Inter-County Query  allows all DAs and their staff to query any peer DA office's PROTECT database to see adult case and person information referred to that offices.  Adult case and person information is available whether filed (public) or not prosecuted.  The same juvenile information is available for filed cases only. 

All questions can be directed to PROTECT Project Manager Brenda Ray at brenda.ray@wisconsin.gov



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