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Wisconsin's District Attorney Information Technology (DAIT) program provides IT services and support to over 1400 customer users in all of Wisconsinís 71 state prosecutor (district attorney) offices. Wisconsin is proudly one of few states in the nation where state prosecutors enjoy a secure, centrally managed network, state-standard hardware and software, and a state-standard case management system with interfaces to key systems used by the courts and law enforcement.


With guidance from the Wisconsin District Attorney Association, DAIT works to ensure that DA offices have the right information at the right time to make the right decisions, and can bridge information gaps within the larger justice community.
Participation in this program has always been voluntary. Starting with the first office in 1996, DAIT worked with each to transition them, one by one, from independent county networks to the state-wide DA Network, a stable, consistent, secure technology platform.


Phase 2 was the implementation of PROTECT, a DAIT-built and managed case management system to help meet the changing needs for data sharing among justice partners, and growing opportunities for automation and paperless, e-business. 

Phase 3 was the creation and roll-out of interfaces with justice partners like the Wisconsin Circuit courts, the Wisconsin Departments of Justice and Corrections, all Wisconsin State Patrol, and a growing number of county law enforcement agencies.

Phase 4 is the optimization of PROTECT and all DAIT tools, to help interested offices streamline processes, let go of paper, and work more efficiently.


Through it all, DAIT's help desk, technicians, developers, analysts and managers have worked to build strong relationships with our customers, whose work we deeply respect and are proud to support.  






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Printed Friday, October 30, 2020