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Wisconsin's District Attorney Information Technology (DA IT) program was established in 1996 with the task to automate and link state prosecutor (district attorney) offices and to bridge information gaps within the larger justice community.


With guidance from the Wisconsin District Attorney Association, DA IT provides state prosecutors and their support staff (approx 1300 customer users) with etools and services to ensure they have the right information at the right time.


Participation in the program is strictly voluntary and includes two phases:


First, DA IT technicians work with the DA office and their county IT to move them from existing county-level networks to the state-wide DA Network and all the bedrock benefits it provides.


Next comes the feather in DA ITís cap, PROTECT (PROsecutor TEchnology for Case Tracking) the case management system created and maintained by DA IT. On-boarding offices work closely with a DA IT analyst to transition from existing systems, develop policies and best practices for use of PROTECT and, in some cases, convert data from legacy, county systems.


All DA IT customers enjoy on-going, full service hardware and software support provided by dedicated help desk specialists and network technicians, and training, education and consulting from DA business analysts.


To date the program has seen tremendous success. In 2004, all DA offices had transitioned to the state-wide DA Network, and in January 2014 PROTECT was installed in the last office, making Wisconsin one of few states in the nation where state prosecutors not only have state-standard hardware and software but a state-standard case management system as well.



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